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About Our Company

Adlab, short for Advertising Laboratory, is a Digital Marketing Company that helps profitable businesses generate more money Online. We are Known for our Consulting, AdWords campaigns, SEO Tactics, and Facebook Advertising.

Our Mission

To see businesses thrive by using the latest
technology and marketing

Meet Our Team

Chasen Gersh
Northern California Operations
Groomed for Marketing from a young age, Chasen is formally educated in Google AdWords and many of the other Products that Google offers. In life, Chasen is also well versed as a Traveler,Explorer, and open minded individual that shows his enthusiasm for new experiences and postive attitude.
From working with Relatives at a young age, to working in large Advertising Firms, he has really seen the whole spectrum and offers refreshing insight on how and why to build a reputation on Google. After all, it is the Largest search engine in the world. And that may not be changing anytime soon.
Spencer Wight
Southern California Operations
Having initially disliked the Marketing Industry, Spencer began studing it from a young age to understand why and how people reacted to advertising material. Over time he realized that there are ethical ways to market and it fascinated him that businesses actually can't survive without a solid marketing strategy.
Running into Chasen years after first meeting turned out to spark an adventure for them both, as now they serve as Partners to the AdLab Marketing Agency. He is also well Traveled and has lived in places such as Hawaii, and Alaska.

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