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Why Pay a Pro

Today our world revolves around the internet. It’s similar to a popularity contest. Become seen on the web and both your reputation and rankings increase. As this happens the world begins to know who you are. The same goes for a Brand, a Product, and/or a Service.

So Why Pay A Pro? Because first impressions matter and your modern consumer has a short attention span. That means you only have seconds, if not less to create a bond that will keep your client coming back and/or referring you to friends and family. Knowing how to cater your content, presence, and reputation to your Audience, while balancing these different factors takes skill and skill takes time (or money) to cultivate.

Here are some of the key reasons why Hiring A Pro will set you apart from your competition 

Save Time, Energy, & Increase Profit

About 40% of the work that AdLab does is going back over the work that was done improperly by other companies or business owners trying to do it all themselves.

Experts in any field will have frontline experience
on what is currently working. It’s common for small to medium sized business owners to want to build websites, social media accounts, or even implement marketing themselves to save money or because they think that hiring professionals is too expensive.

The end result is that typically these businesses are implementing tools and strategies that they are finding from the internet. Most of these tools and strategies are outdated and many times it seems much easier or faster than it really takes in the real world. Meanwhile professionals who do this day in and day out are attending conferences and educational events to stay ahead of the curve.

Consulting with a company that has honesty, integrity and goals in mind is the best idea before deciding how you will go about these essential activities. It never hurts to have a conversation and learn what’s out on the playing field.

AdLab offers Free Audits so that you can find out where your business currently ranks in different areas of modern business. Send us an Email Here

User Friendly – Mobile and Tablet Ready

We look at data all day, everyday (except weekends when we are sipping martinis on a beach somewhere…in our dreams).

Here’s what the data is showing:

  • Majority of consumers are spending most of their browsing time on smartphones and tablets. Computers and Laptops are still relevant but the use of smart devices, including Smart TVs is on the rise. As the world begins to connect on more of a global level, it’s never been better to make sure that your content is Optimized for all devices. We call this Responsive.

Responsive means that it will actually change shape, like jello, to fit any screen size.

Let’s say a website catering to millennials is 100% perfect on Desktop and cost a lot of money to build…but it’s not responsive and can’t be viewed well on a mobile device (iphone/android/etc). Is the target market for this client using Desktop? Probably not. All that money, time, and belief compromised on such a simple solution.

This is the current landscape of the marketing/design world. Such small mistakes can lead to massive errors in usability and can take business owners down paths of no return.

  •  Cutting Edge Tools & Processes

Technology is accelerating at ridiculous speeds. It’s a full time job to keep up on the amount of tools and tech that are coming out of this century.

By the time a business owner or in house marketing person gets up to speed on a tool, most likely it will be outdated and will have been replaced by the new shiny one that is better, faster, and stronger. 

This isn’t true for all new tech, but often times that are some major advancements that increase efficiency which in turn can increase profit and improve market engagement.

  • Seo-Optimized, Paid Ads, & Affiliates (Referrals)

No doubt these strategies can be performed by anyone, but 99.9999% percent of results will be poor (unless you were the .00001% that got lucky).

Again, many of these strategies posted on the internet are outdated and misleading.

You can learn more about Google Marketing Here

  • Maintenances and Support

Since this new world of Tech we all are living in is moving so quickly, it is vital to have updates and maintenance done on websites and databases.

We offer packages that address these maintenance schedules so that everything runs smoothly and stays up to date. 

This ensures that your 24 hour assets (websites and marketing) are constantly in motion and out there ready to engage the market that is searching for your product/service.


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