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The Labyrinth of Google Marketing


Everyone knows the term and it has become a cornerstone in the English language.

A common response among friends, “I don’t know, just Google it.”

This company is powerful to say the least, and if you can show up at the Top of a Google Search then it’s almost promised that you’re business will take on new Clients (as long as your Company’s Infrastructure can handle it).

As an Advertising Agency, we have the luxury of understanding how some of these systems work. If anybody ever tells you they know exactly how the Google Algorithm ticks or claims to know the exact event that lands you on the #1 page of Google, then walk away and find a company that doesn’t make such bold claims. It is do-able but It’s a difficult process that will reap huge rewards.

Here are some of the ways that Google allows businesses to market. 

Google Adwords: (PAID SEARCH)

Google has a vast network for advertisers to display their ads, videos, and products to consumers on the web. This is setup through a program called Google Adwords. From here, the user is able to target their exact type of client, using a very deep level of data that google gathers, such as income levels and other very detailed demographics. The results are displayed to you via Live Tracking where you can see what is happening with your campaigns at anytime.

So….. Why Pay a Pro?

Anybody can setup a Google Adwords account, but without a professional education (or tons of mistakes that cost lots of $), most likely the business will hemorrhage cash by targeting the wrong people. Just like learning to walk or driving a car, there is a learning curve that takes years. If a business is looking to become profitable or stay profitable then it’s in their best interest to hire a professional in this area who has already gone through the curve.

For a person to run Google AdWords or any marketing service is one thing, but it’s different to get the results you want, while maximizing the Ad spend and avoiding the Negative Keywords that waste capital. It really is more complex than it looks, and to most people it already looks hard.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): (ORGANIC SEARCH)

SEO is the Holy Grail, but it’s not attained quickly. It’s like your online reputation, it must be proved over time.

There is not one special action that causes a company to land on the first page of Google (#1 ranked websites attract most of the consumer traffic that lands on that search page). With that being said, there are many small actions that it takes to increase your ranking in reach of the ultimate #1 page. This almost guarantees a massive increase in Leads coming through your virtual storefront.

The methods by which an Advertising Company such as AdLab conquers the page leaps that grow a company’s income are limitless, but there are many pitfalls to lookout for.

Just as in the physical world there are all kinds of good/healthy and bad/unhealthy business practices.

A few of these practices to watch out for are:

  • Companies that promise Results that sound too good to be true or involve little effort (there are rare occasions when a very high level of results can be guaranteed, but it’s more rare). With that being said, there are almost always simple improvements that can work wonders for the average business that has never hired a professional to do a makeover on their online assets.
  • Companies that promise to get you a certain level of exposure to client lists or markets that may buy your product/service (there are many systems out there that contain 10,000-100,000’s or more fake profiles that marketers can use to promise an increased following or presence online. With this shady method, there is a pool of marketers that all share access to these profiles and when clients pay them to increase their online presence, these marketers have these Fake Profiles begin to interact with the client’s online content, tricking you into thinking that results are coming in). Google can recognize activities such as this and ‘penalize’ your website or content by being associated with those low quality leads
  • There are many more pitfalls/traps that I won’t list here….you get the idea This is why is pays to Hire A Pro.

Referrals/Affiliate Relationships: (NETWORKING/PROMOTING)

This is an underutilized form of marketing on the web. Many businesses understand that referrals can make or break a business. The same applies to the world on the web.

There are tactics and learned patterns that can boost a business’ opportunities on the web by simple acts like huge websites doing an article on your company and providing a link to your website. If they have 100,000 monthly visitors, then you will most likely get a percentage of those visiting your site.

Welcome to the Labyrinth of Google Marketing. And once you feel that you have it down…they shift the Algorithms and you have to learn all over again.

That’s why here at AdLab we are constantly in education mode, and all of our team attends both online and offline events to grow our skills and abilities. If we aren’t growing then we would be dying.


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