Design Your Website BEFORE Spending $ on Marketing! Here's Why... by AdLab Marketing out of Southern California

Website First, Marketing Second

Get people to my Website ASAP right?! Well….yes and no.

Is the content high quality? Will people stick around?

Will they come back? Will they tell their friends?

Will they speak to their mother about the experience they had with my brand?

Your marketing strategy might be top notch. Your product may be amazing and may have potential to alter the habits of thousands of people. Your brand may have bulletproof local reputation. Yet none of this matters if your site is not user friendly or designed around the type of experience necessary to keep clients coming back for more.

Quick Story:

Let’s say you are hungry for lunch. Using Google Maps, you find a hole in the wall diner with great reviews. It seems that their SEO marketing is paying off. So far everything looks great for you and the Diner.

You pull into the parking lot and the first negative impression is that the sign looks very, very old. It’s so old it raises a concern about them still being open for business. One of the lights on the neon sign is out as well and it doesn’t seem to have been cleaned in years. Already you are wondering how well they maintain everything else related to their business.

Instead of turning around, you decide to trust the reviews. There is nobody to greet you and it seems as if the Diner is stuck in the 1970s. It doesn’t seem to be part of their brand, like a neat 70s Diner that serves Malt Shakes and old school burgers, but rather outdated in terms of maintenance and overall appeal.

You decide to sit down and believe that people must have left 5 star reviews for a reason. The menu is hard to read because it’s faded by many years of wear and tear. Your intuition is now telling you that maybe this isn’t a good idea. How clean are the dishes? How fresh are the ingredients? They obviously have low standards here and maybe it’s not such a great idea to just follow the reviews.

The End Result:

You leave before anybody greeted you (which took them way too long in the first place). You go to your local favorite restaurant and since people are more willing to give a negative opinion than a positive one, you decide to leave a 1 star review on the Yelp! review. When you get back to the office your friend asks you where you went for lunch and you tell him all about your findings. Now this Diner is fighting it’s own SEO marketing dollars because it prioritized marketing ahead of user experience and meeting the needs of it’s clients.

So What’s the Message?

This story is how the virtual storefronts of thousands of businesses play out everyday. Websites are stuck in the past because business owners forget what got them to where they are. Keeping up with a market’s evolution both online and offline can mean the difference between extinction and flourishing.  It can be very profitable to refresh the face of a business.

That doesn’t mean you need to jump on every social media platform or redo your website every 6 months. A new website every 3-5 years can certainly set your business ahead of the competition. Expanding with technology (and writing a website off as a business expense on your Tax Return) are reasons enough. Not to mention that your lifetime customers will respect the new user experiences.

You may have an outstanding marketing strategy and may be reaching out to a lot of potential customers, but if they don’t like the page they land on, you are only hurting your future success. A poorly designed website is a cause of much wasted marketing dollars in the online world.

Just as the story above happens every single day to thousands of businesses. The same is happening to hundreds of thousands of websites. The processes aren’t clear. The funnels are confusing. Clients WANT to purchase a product/service but they want the process to be enjoyable. Like getting a lollipop after going to the eye doctor. Let’s make it fun so they want to return and bring their friends.

Best Forms of Marketing:

Good web design, followed by good marketing, breads organic marketing (people talking and sharing about your company). In other words, referral business is the best business, and in terms of economics it is much cheaper to provide repeat customers with a good experience rather than finding new customers to get suckered into a boring/ copycat user experience.

Spending a Fortune on web Design is not essential. This can be very cost effective. A Good Marketing and Design Agency can build what you need for a solid price because they have sourced their materials well. Many times what you ‘Need’ and what you ‘Want’ are two different matters.

Our bread and Butter at AdLab is providing SEO service to our clients. It is the most rewarding, long term strategy that builds major traffic sources for our clients. This is where we see the largest returns for our clients and therefore spend most of our energy executing this service. We have an inspiring team just splitting at the seams with professionals that live and breathe our services. We believe in hiring specialists because they focus on only one product/service and learn everything there is to know about that product/service. Not to mention the countless hours of continued education as these industries are constantly expanding.

With All of Our Services:

First we analyze your business, find the essential actions that need to be taken by clients, provide the essential tools/resources to those clients to simplify that process, get rid of the rest of the small talk, and then bundle that into an enjoyable package that is both easy to execute and efficient to manage.


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